Cars 2 Wallpaper

Cars 2 Wallpaper Lightning McQueen

Official Disney Cars 2 wallpaper


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Cars 2 Wallpaper is a fun desktop background featuring one of the stars of the hit Disney Pixar movie, Lightning McQueen.

The wallpaper features a bright, 3D effect image of the chirpy protagonist in front of a plain black background. The official logo of the movie appears in the top corner of the Cars 2 Wallpaper. The Lightning McQueen wallpaper is one of many you can download for free from the Download section of the Cars 2 Movie site. Each features a different character from the blockbuster.

This Cars 2 Wallpaper is a must for fans of the movie, especially if your favorite character is Lightning McQueen.

Cars 2 Wallpaper


Cars 2 Wallpaper Lightning McQueen

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